The tapas serves only as an appetizer.

Chicken “karaage” with aoli€ 12
Selection of cold meat€ 18
Cheeseboard€ 14
Oyster nature /pc.€ 3,50
Oyster Granite sake/Grany Smith/pc.€ 3,75
Cuban sandwich€ 15
Mexican fries€ 8
Croquettes chorizo (6 pieces)€ 10
Wrap salmon avocado
red onion arugula
€ 12
breaded baby calamaris with garlic mayonaise€ 12


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Mes Amis 016

The restaurant

We are happy to welcome you to Mes Amis and hope you enjoy it. A motivated team is at your disposal to pamper you in a culinary way.

If you would still like to have a drink in our bar, please be sure to take a seat at the table at the time of booking.

From 9 persons or more, on Friday and Saturday evenings, we serve the menu or take a starter and main course à la carte. We only serve a maximum of 3 different dishes per table.

Interieur 14

The lounge / cocktail bar

Being a bartender is not only creating cocktails but also making people happy and letting them enjoy a night out. Every cocktail has a meaning to me, a moment of reflection.