Kaaskroket (2st)
of Garnaalkroket (2st)
of Carpaccio van rund
of Zalmtartaar



Argentijnse steak (250 gr)
of Ravioli ganzelever
of Sliptong met friet en sla



Moelleux au chocolat

of Violet ijs en zwart fruit


€ 52

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Mes Amis 016

The restaurant

We are happy to welcome you to Mes Amis and hope you enjoy it. A motivated team is at your disposal to pamper you in a culinary way.

If you would still like to have a drink in our bar, please be sure to take a seat at the table at the time of booking.

From 9 persons or more, on Friday and Saturday evenings, we serve the menu or take a starter and main course à la carte. We only serve a maximum of 3 different dishes per table.

Interieur 14

The lounge / cocktail bar

Being a bartender is not only creating cocktails but also making people happy and letting them enjoy a night out. Every cocktail has a meaning to me, a moment of reflection.