Food menu


Shrimp croquettes€ 9/st
Cheese croquettes€ 7/st
Chorizo croquettes€ 9/st
Beef carpaccio
roquette / pine seeds
€ 16
Ravioli Foie Gras
Wild mushroom / truffle
€ 19
Tartare salmon
Ponzu/beet / kohlrabi
€ 18


Main dish

Shrimp croquettes
Fries + salad (+3€)
€ 9
Cheese croquettes
Fries + salad (+3€)
€ 7
Chorizo croquettes
Fries + salad (+3€)
€ 9
Goat cheese salad€ 22
Beef Carpaccio€ 20
Americain préparé
Capers / beet
€ 24
Ravioli of Foie gras
Wild mushroom/truffle
€ 27
Pasta Vongole€ 24
Fries / salad
Wild mushroom/truffle
€ 25


Bavette Holstein (France)
It has a coarse texture, but is still very tender. It is heavily veined with fat and very tasty.“Bavette” (chaffinch, half moon, flank steak) is a relatively long and flat piece of meat and comes from the abdominal muscle of the beef. It is workin meat and is therefore slightly firmer than normal steak.”Bavette” (chaffinch, half moon, flank steak) is a relatively long and flat piece of meat and comes from the abdominal muscle of the beef. It is working meat and is therefore slightly firmer than normal steak.It has a firm bite, is very tasty, with a full fat taste due to the generous fat penetration.
€ 29
Picanha (Uruguay)
“Picanha” is the tail or the end of the beef’s flat buttock and is located under the thick loin and is the most eaten piece of meat in South American cuisine. Typical of the Picanha is its thin and white-coloured edge of fat that makes the meat extra juicy and tasty.
€ 31
Filet Pur Simmenthal (Zwitserland)
“Filet Pur” is zowat het beste stuk vlees dat het rund te bieden heeft. Het bevindt zich aan de rugkant onder de ribben en is het beste en duurste deel van het rund. Dit mals stukje vlees heeft een mooie rode kleur en smelt in de mond door zijn fijne vezelstructuur. Door de natuurlijke en gezonde voeding en door de rust in hun omgeving, heeft het vlees een fijne structuur, mooie vetmarmering en een zachte, karaktervolle smaak.
€ 45
Rib eye Rubia galega/2 pers.
“Rib eye Rubia galega” is marbled and therefore very tender and juicy. The meat does not dry out quickly during frying and will therefore, medium too, continue to give a fantastic taste sensation.
€ 89
Argentinian steak€ 36
Selection côte à l’os /2 pers.€ 85



Mes Amis sauce


Hot vegetables€ 11
Baby potatoes€ 5

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The restaurant

We are happy to welcome you to Mes Amis and hope you enjoy it. A motivated team is at your disposal to pamper you in a culinary way.

If you would still like to have a drink in our bar, please be sure to take a seat at the table at the time of booking.

From 9 persons or more, on Friday and Saturday evenings, we serve the menu or take a starter and main course à la carte. We only serve a maximum of 3 different dishes per table.

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The lounge / cocktail bar

Being a bartender is not only creating cocktails but also making people happy and letting them enjoy a night out. Every cocktail has a meaning to me, a moment of reflection.