Ribbetjes BBQ
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A la carte


Carpaccio of beef
Arugula / Parmesan / Pine nuts
As starter € 18
As main course € 24
Homemade cheese croquette€ 7 /pcs.
Homemade shrimp croquette€ 9 /pcs.
Salmon gravad lax
Horseradish / Beluga Lentils
As starter € 19
As main course € 25
Game Pâté
Cranberries / Hazelnut
€ 15
Fried goose liver
Apple “Boskoop”
€ 21
Scallops / jerusalem artichoke / comté / turnips€ 20

Main courses


In our meat dishes, quality and taste are the most important elements. Therefore, we respect the time the meat needs in our resting oven in order to have a maximum taste experience. Because of this, the waiting time can be ± 45 min.

Argentinean steak
Fries / salad / sauce of choice
€ 30
Rib eye sashi
Fries / salad / sauce of choice
€ 37
Pickled ribs lacquered “Dierendonck”
Fries / salad
€ 26
Butcher’s Choice ?
Fries / salad / sauce of choice
€ 69 / 2 pers.
Rubia gallega 2p
Fries / salad / sauce of choice
€ 90 / 2 pers.
Filet pure Frisona€ 35
Américain préparé
Fries / salad
€ 24
Deer Calf /Celeriac / wild mushroom / Pomme dauphines€ 37

Sauces meat

Mes Amis sauce ( Porto sauce )


Warm vegetables€ 12
Barbecued baby potatoes€ 5


Mix of stuffed ravioli
Tomato coulis
€ 24
Truffle / Wild mushroom
€ 24


Green cabbage / Beurre blanc / pomme dauphines
€ 35
French fries / salad
Price of the day


Goat’s cheese salad
Bacon / Granny Smith / honey / tomato / lettuce
€ 25

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The restaurant

We are happy to welcome you to Mes Amis and hope you enjoy it. A motivated team is at your disposal to pamper you in a culinary way.

If you would still like to have a drink in our bar, please be sure to take a seat at the table at the time of booking.

From 9 persons or more, on Friday and Saturday evenings, we serve the menu or take a starter and main course à la carte. We only serve a maximum of 3 different dishes per table.


The lounge / cocktail bar

Being a bartender is not only creating cocktails but also making people happy and letting them enjoy a night out. Every cocktail has a meaning to me, a moment of reflection.