Cocktails (from 17h)

By Maxime Carlier & Jonas Vandeplassche

Our signatures

Living the sweet life

Raspberry shrub / sugar syrup / mango espuma / belvedere
€ 12,50

Bulleit from heaven

Honey-Apple Syrup / Marashino Liqueur / Bulleit Whiskey / Red Wine
€ 13,50

La vie en jaune

Passion fruit / Tanqueray gin / hierbas las dunas / sugar / Tonic
€ 13,50

Support the lemon

Limoncello / Mandarin Napoleon / lemon / Mister Lemon
€ 13,50


Home made liqueur / Sage syrup / Supasawa
€ 13,50

Negroni From The Barrel

Campari / gin / Vermouth
€ 14

Each cocktail, full of love and passion.
With incredible flavour combinations.

Mes Amis Selection

Steeple Triple Sour

Pepper & salt mix / Pisco / Syrup of 3 acids (Geuze, Bergamot, lemongrass)
€ 13,50


Pepper & salt mix / gin / Benedictine / syrup of blood orange and black pepper / supasawa
€ 13,50

El Sombrero

Half Pepper / Tequila / Mandarin Napoleon / supasawa / ginger beer / Lemongrass
€ 13,50


Maman Brigitte rum / Remy Martin Cognac / Supasawa / Curcuma almond syrup / egg white
€ 13,50

Coco Granata

Cachaça / Mezcal / spicy Coconut syrup with aloe Vera / Pineapple juice
€ 12,50

For God's Sake

Dill infused Sake / Green tea / Angostura Bitters / Espuma of Lemongrass
€ 10,50



Nona non-alcoholic gin / Kiwi / Radish / Supasawa / Sugar
€ 10

Santa Rabarbara

Cinnamon / Rhubarb / Supasawa / Black tea / Ginger beer / Liquorice
€ 10

Smiley Ginger

Lemon / Cane sugar / Coriander / Ginger beer / Dried lemon and ginger slices
€ 10

The Bartender's Choice

Tell our barman your favourite flavours and he will conjure up a great custom-made cocktail for you. Sweet, bitter, exotic, complex, powerful, light, spicy, … you name it & Max will mix it.

Order a customised cocktail!€ 13,50

The Classics

Looking for a classic cocktail? This is still possible. Our bartender will be happy to prepare it for you.

Enjoy a real Classic!€ 12,50

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Tell us your favourite flavours and we will surprise you with a customised non-alcoholic cocktail.

Let us surprise you!€ 10

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The restaurant

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If you would still like to have a drink in our bar, please be sure to take a seat at the table at the time of booking.

From 9 persons or more, on Friday and Saturday evenings, we serve the menu or take a starter and main course à la carte. We only serve a maximum of 3 different dishes per table.